At SKYDAN Equity Partners, we proudly help homeowners who need cash on short notice. And guess what? We have never asked a homeowner for their credit score — and we never will. Your credit rating simply has no impact on our business model. In order to qualify for the SKYDAN Equity Partners Sale and Leaseback Program in Chicagoland, all you need is home equity.


That’s it — you don’t need anything else! Keep reading to find out how we help folks to avoid bankruptcy in Chicago without forcing them to disclose their credit score.

SKYDAN Is a Real Estate Investment Firm, Not a Lender

We have no desire to check your credit score because, quite frankly, that’s what lenders are for. However, SKYDAN Equity Partners is not a lender. We are not a bank. We are a real estate investment company, and our Sale-Leaseback Program allows families to unlock the equity they have in their home. The unique program gives homeowners the capital they need to reach their goals.


Here’s How SKYDAN’s Sale-Leaseback Program Works:

We purchase your single-family house with equity.

You lease the home back for a maximum of two years with zero monthly payments.

When the lease ends, you can buy the home back or sell and receive your remaining equity. 

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes

Whether you are looking for an alternative to home refinancing in Cook County or you need help with lien avoidance in Chicagoland, IL, SKYDAN Equity Partners has the solution you’ve been searching for. However, unlike other options you may have considered — such as banks and other traditional lenders — we simply do not care about your credit score. If you are tired of the banks telling you “no” because they don’t like your credit rating, come to SKYDAN Equity Partners — we say “yes.”


Want to learn more about The Original Sale-Leaseback Program Since 2004? Contact us today for additional details!