SKYDAN’s program allows homeowners to easily tap into their home equity without the approval restrictions, monthly payment plans, and associated interest obligations that are required by a traditional bank loan or home equity line of credit.

Setting You Up For Success

SKYDAN is here to help you tap into your home’s equity to free up any tied up funds.


Even if you have bad credit or no income you may still qualify.

Home Visit

After initial qualification, we will schedule a time to visit your property within 1-3 days.


Within 3-5 days, we determine how much cash you will receive, based on your property’s value.


Within 30 days or less, you will receive the agreed-upon amount of money.

Learn How Our Home Sale-Leaseback Program Works

How Our Process Works

SKYDAN buys your home.

But you don’t move out.

You then agree to lease the home back from us

We set a mutually-agreed upon amount, not exceeding 2 years.

Rent is deferred until the end of the agreement

No monthly payment is due.


Option #1: PURCHASE THE HOME BACK, at original purchase price plus deferred rent. 

Option #2: SELL THE PROPERTY at current market value, receiving all additional equity.

Here To Help You

Are credit card bills, property taxes, or medical expenses starting to add up? If no relief is in sight and banks are turning you down for loans, or if you can’t secure a HELOC, you probably don’t know where to turn; and these frustrations cannot be understated. We are here to help you!

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes

SKYDAN Equity Partners is the home equity solution you can turn to when banks turn you away because of bad credit. Our home buy back program allows you to avoid foreclosure, settle your outstanding debts, improve your credit score, and avoid predatory high-interest bank loans. We don’t want you dealing with the hurdles of traditional home refinancing. 


Happy Customers

Gena Christiano
Gena Christiano
I would highly recommend this group of professionals. They were easy to work with and explained each step in detail. They answered questions and replied very fast with communications. They helped us so very much. Would highly recommend them
Shon LaRoi
Shon LaRoi
Skydan Equity Partners are amazing and has helped me start on a new journey into a new phase of my life. Thank you Jim and the whole Skydan Team.
carmen yates
carmen yates
excellent company and quick turn around. Jim and Brandon were excellent and answered all of my questions, I would definitely recommend them.
Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson
Very helpful, honest and quick to respond with any questions or concerns you might have. Very straightforward group of people they have, nothing hidden at all. Highly recommend them to anyone.
lesli bohannon
lesli bohannon
They were amazing! Helped us when we really needed it. James waa quick and always responded in a timely manner when we had questions or concerns
Kenny Eyre
Kenny Eyre
I had never been one to have issues obtaining credit or paying my bills; while maintaining a decent credit score. Then life hit me, as it does all of us, stopping me dead in my tracks. At the young age of 34 I was diagnosed with a rare form of carcinoid cancer, which was already spreading. It didn't take long for my finances to start slipping out of control, as I battled the ultimate battle for my life. It was just over a year and half I went with out any income. As a result I lost my business, depleted my life savings, and rapidly started falling behind on everything which destroyed my credit along the way. The only thing I had that wasn't at risk of losing in collections, or being repo/foreclosed on was my home. Since I owned my house out right, I tried using it as collateral with numerous banks to barrow money against to keep me above water. After being denied by the banks and unsuccessful at obtaining a home equity loan, I found SKYDAN Equity Partners and they were an absolute blessing! These guys are beyond amazing during the most difficult time for me. James was very understanding, genuinely compassionate to my situation and was ready to help immediately. He was so dedicated to getting me the help I needed as soon as possible, that the Christmas Holidays didn't even slow them down. From our first conversation to me receiving the funds I so desperately need, took less than a month to complete and that was with Christmas and New Year Holidays in the mix. I had no idea what I was getting into but these guys were very detailed with their unique process, and most importantly they were honest with me about everything. These guys are not here to judge anyone, nor are they a bunch of loan sharks in high pressure sales positions! I assure you the guys over at SKYDAN are true trustworthy professionals, not looking to take advantage but rather provide all the assistance that they can. James was right there with me on the phone every day walking me through their stress free smooth process, answering all my questions along the way. These guys were able to help me get the equity out of my home, when no one else would, which in the end saved what little bit I had left. I would of lost everything I ever worked for, if it wasn't for SKYDAN and their ability to rapidly open up my access to my home's equity! Thank you for everything you've done SKYDAN Equity Partners, you've definitely gained a partner in me for the rest of my life! Oh one last thing ... I found out I was cancer free just days before signing with SKYDAN!!!
John Mackey
John Mackey
James and Brandon were a great help! Everything they said they would do, they did. The process was completely transparent, all questions and concerns were immediately addressed. They were very professional from start to finish.
Michele Miller
Michele Miller
Jim was great to deal with. My situation was different than most but Jim pushed to make it happen for me.
erin colvin
erin colvin
They helped me out in a difficult time. Just wish they would disclose all the fees upfront. I would recommend them to anyone who was in the situation that I was. James always answered any questions that I had.
Jim Robinette
Jim Robinette
Jim and Brandon were very responsive after I contacted them. I explained that I was in a a difficult position and need financial help. They were willing to help even though the banks would not and I owned my home 100%. Without their help I probably would have lost my car and all of my belonging in storage. We all understand that everyone has a rough time, but Jim had empathy for my situation and made it more than just another business transaction. Again, thank you both.

Serving the Following States:


  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Ohio
  • Indiana

When Banks Say No, We Say Yes

SKYDAN Equity Partners is the home equity solution you can turn to when banks turn you away because of bad credit. Our home buy back program allows you to avoid foreclosure, settle your outstanding debts, improve credit score and avoid predatory high-interest bank loans. We don't want you dealing with the hurdles of traditional home refinancing. This means there are no credit checks, no mortgage payments, no interest, and no added debt.