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See How Our Equity Solution Worked For Our Clients!

“I utilized SKYDAN’s Equity Program when I was short on money.  It worked out great and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Tom H. , Berwyn, IL

“We were facing financial challenges and our bills were piling up, we were stressed and looking for options.  We knew our best asset was our home…we had plenty of equity; however, we could not refinance our mortgage through traditional bank financing. Thinking the only option was to sell our home and downsize, I contacted the SKYDAN Group to start the sales process.

We truly did not want to sell and uproot our family.  SKYDAN showed us there was another way through the SKYDAN Equity Program.  We also eliminated our mortgage payments up to two years while we caught up on bills, found a new job, and put ourselves in good standing for a traditional refinance.

It was so easy to qualify versus traditional refinancing, with no credit score criteria needed to qualify.  This equity program was a life saver for us.  We are still in our home and back on our feet!”

Dan and Sandra B. , Berwyn, Illinois

“We couldn’t pay the mortgage on our home in addition to other obligations due to financial hardship. We didn’t want to sell our home but thought we didn’t have any other option.  We contacted SKYDAN, to sell our home and they offered their program to us.  We signed up, paid off our mortgage and some other debt.  This allowed us to straighten out our credit, and happy to say, we kept our home!”

Karen B & Kristyn D, Westchester, Illinois
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