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Rejected for a home equity loan because of bad credit in Chicago Lawn?

Homeowners with bad credit may feel like they do not have any options. You may have quite a lot of debt, and you cannot qualify for a home equity loan. There is a way to change your financial future, and you can work with us to learn about alternatives to home equity loans. Read more to learn how a viable alternative program works, how to start a sale and leaseback plan, and why you can get a better deal than the bank’s expensive home equity loan.


Home Equity Loan Bad Credit Chicago Lawn


When you would like to get a home equity loan, the bank will check your credit, your debt-to-income ratio, and make you sign a lot of paperwork. The process can be extremely difficult, and you will be saddled with a loan that could be difficult to pay off. When you want to sell the house in the future, you will still need to pay off the new and the old loan. You will have, effectively, increased the value of your home loan. This could make the home even more difficult to sell in the future.


Should You Try An Alternative To A Home Equity Loan?


When you want to try a home equity loan alternative, you should look at the programs at SKYDAN. We can offer you a sale and lease-back option that allows you to stay in the home, pay rent and take back all the cash that you have invested in the house. This program does not check your credit or worry about your income. We simply provide you with a way to change your financial future without selling the house or taking out yet another loan.


How Does Our Plan Work?


When you use the sell your house and rent it back option, you are given the chance to extract every dollar that you have paid into the house. You can quickly pick up the cash that you need, and you do not need to worry about another loan. The process is much faster than it would be if you went to the bank, and we will allow you to stay in the house for as long as you want.


Who Benefits From Our Program?


A home equity loan bad credit Chicago Lawn option could be very complicated. The bank might ask you to raise your credit score, or you might not get as much money out of the loan. You will pay money to close the deal, and the bank could raise your interest rate at any time. You are taking on more debt than you had in the past, and the bank might even give you an adjustable interest rate that could balloon quickly.


When you sell and lease back the house, you can get the cash you need, stay in the house, and simplify the process. If you are retired, your kids are grown, or you have a lot of debt, you can use our program to your advantage.


Anyone who is ready to move can simply hand over the house to use. You will have extracted all the equity you had in the house, and you will not need to do anything else to get out of there if need be. We will work with you on your moving date because you will not be dealing with a sale and closing. We will also work with people who would like to sublet to their children or friends. We’ll be happy that you got the service you needed.


Great home equity loan for bad credit in Chicago Lawn alternative


Apply now to learn what we at SKYDAN can do for you. We will help you with a sale and lease option that allows you to stay in your home for as long as you want. Most people who try this program need to pay off debt, pay for college, or have bad credit. We are not concerned with your credit. We simply calculate the equity you have in the home, hand that equity over to you in the sale, and help you stay in the house for as long as you want. You can contact us today for help with your sale and lease-back options.