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Home Equity Loan For Bad Credit in Irving Park

When you are looking for a home equity loan Chicago option, you should not allow yourself to be pushed around by big banks that will force you into high interest rates, high closing costs, and ridiculous credit rules. We can make everything much simpler for you when you reach out to our team at SKYDAN. There is a way to stay in your home, get the cash you need, and change your financial future. When you need a home equity loan for bad credit in Irving Park option, you can try the sale and lease option that we have created at SKYDAN.


We use a completely different approach to managing your home loan and any debt you might have accrued. The sale and leaseback program is very simple to understand, and you can get started right away.


Home equity loan for bad credit in Irving Park options


You can use the sell your house and rent it back option when you would like to pull out all the cash that you have invested in the house. This is a popular plan for people who cannot sell their house right now, do not want to move, but would like to pay off debt. When you use this plan, you will work with us to get a fair market price for the house. We do not check your debt-to-income ratio, and we do not force you to go through a long application process.


We make sure that you can get started today, learn how much you can get for the house and pull the cash out quickly.


What Happens Next?


We will start working with you to understand how much you owe on the house, how much equity you have and how you can pull cash out of there. When we do this, we will buy the house from you, deliver the cash right away and allow you to stay in the house. Because you have the money that you need, you can change your life as intended.


How Do You Stay In The House?


We come to an agreement with you that allows you to lease the house from us for a fair price. You can stay in the home as long as you want and we can continue to collect your lease payments. You have the money you need and you are not paying back a loan to a bank. When you feel you need to move, you can turn the house over to us, though you have other options as well, leaving you free to manage your future.


This process is especially helpful if you are thinking of moving. You can live in the house while you shop for a new home, and you can turn over the house when it is time to move. You can even use the money you make from selling the house to buy your new home. You do not need to stay in a hotel or bed the bank to close on a certain day. You can simply tell us when you need to move out, and we will create a plan that works for your family.


If you need to pay off debt, you can easily pay off all your credit cards and loans using the money you make when selling the house. This is a simple way to access cash that you have invested in the house, and we will ensure that you get the process completed as quickly as possible.


Reach Out To Us Today


We can look into how your home is valued, write up a contract and explain how much cash you will make when the home sells. We will provide you with a plan that helps you understand how our process works, and we will guide you through the steps. You can contact us at any time if you have additional questions about selling your home, and you can make your payments directly to us after the house sells.


You may even want to keep the house in the family, letting your children live in it after you move. We allow you to stay in the house so long as you are making your payments, and we will happily take the house back if you no longer need it. We are here to make this process as seamless as possible for you.


SKYDAN is Here For You When Banks Are Not


Apply now so that you can get the best home loan equity alternative in the business. When you work with our team at SKYDAN, we will help you get the cash you need, avoid banks that make the process too difficult, and ensure that you can stay in your home. This is a simple process that we are happy to start right away. No family should be forced to pay off more debt to prepare for the future. We will help you change your financial future with just one transaction.