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Home Equity Loan for Bad Credit in DePaul

Also known as a home equity installment loan, a home equity loan is a type of consumer loan offered to people looking to buy a home. Apart from allowing homeowners to purchase homes, the loan can access the equity in your home so you can borrow money without considering your debt to income ratio.


Just like any other loan, the amount that a homeowner can get for their residence is based on different factors, such as the current market value of the home and the state that it’s in. Some lenders also have a sale and leaseback option for clients to consider. Utilizing those, the borrower can sell the house and rent it back from a private company, instead of the bank.


People secure home equity loans for various reasons. It may be because they need to consolidate small bills like doctor appointments, or simply because they want to invest in the stock market. Whatever the reason, people always look to us for financial help, even without the need for the sale and leaseback option we offer.


Home Equity Bad Credit Loans in DePaul


Most banks offer loans with regard to an individual’s credit score. If you have a good credit score, then you stand a chance of getting a bigger loan. On the other hand, an individual with a poor credit score can’t get access to any loan, let alone a home equity loan.


This is where we come in. We exist to help people with accessing their home equity for bad credit in DePaul, allowing them to secure a home equity loan without considering their credit score. If they have a title to back up their claim to the home, they’ve got a loan. It’s that simple!


Our services are also available for people who have filed for bankruptcy. We have a long history of clients who’ve been bankrupt but have not only secured their financial aid but come out of their financial situation stronger.


As if that’s not enough, most of our clients come out with a better credit score. If that’s something you need, we can help you out.


If you need a home equity loan, but you feel like your credit score is letting you down, we are here to help you out. Read along to learn more about  how the application process works.


Filling Out the Application


Our loan application procedure is quite unlike that of a bank. We are pretty straight forward, and people with bad credit loans in Illinois don’t have to fill out hundreds of pages. Some of the details we ask from you are;


  • Your full names
  • Your location including zip
  • Your phone numbers
  • Title to your house


Once a client completes the application form, we ensure to do a thorough investigation to ascertain the claims. We then send over a loan estimate if everything is in order. This loan estimate is a comprehensive figure of how much we think the loan amount for your house will be.


After that, a loan representative from our company will contact the client to help them complete the application process. The representative will also answer any questions that the client might have concerning the process, the estimated loan amount, and when the client can have the loan, among many others. In that regard, it’s worth mentioning that home equity loans from Skydan Equity Partners do not take long to be paid out to a client once the application process is complete.


Advantages of Securing a Home Equity Loan Alternative With Us


  • Once we service a client with a loan, we don’t dictate how the money should be used. The client can use the funds as deemed fit
  • We don’t consider a client’s credit score. All we need is your home title
  • We can help you secure a positive credit score. A vast majority of our clients turn to our loans to revamp their credit scores
  • We ensure that we adhere to the stipulated laws that regulate title loans. This means that our clients, including their businesses, are in safer hands with us


So, all the facts are laid out to you. Why not take a leap into home equity loan for bad credit in DePaul? You can get all the financial boost you’ve been looking for in just a few steps.