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Rejected for a home equity loan because of bad credit in Uptown, Chicago? Here is the solution

When you have been denied a home equity loan, you may not know what to do. You are trying to avoid personal bankruptcy Chapter 13 proceedings and you would like to stay in your home if at all possible. The information listed below will help you understand more in case trying the new program that we have created at SKYDAN will work for you!


Home Equity Loan Bad Credit Uptown Chicago


When you need bad credit loans in Illinois, you can apply with us to learn about our innovative program. You can apply without worrying about your debt-to-income ratio, and you do not need to go through all the tedious steps that a bank would require. You can apply for financing and we will work with you to get the cash you need out of your house.


How Does The SKYDAN Program Work?


When you need a home equity loan bad credit Uptown Chicago, you do not need to work with a bank and hope that they approve you. You can approach us with an offer to sell your home. We will pay a fair price for the house, and you will access all the equity in the house as soon as the sale is complete. Once that is done, you can live in the house while paying us for the lease every month.


You will have changed your financial future because you will have pulled cash out of the house without refinancing, and you will have a guarantee that you can stay in the house. If you have children, they will not know the difference. You will pay us instead of a mortgage company, and we will allow you to stay in the house as long as you like. When you are ready to move, you can turn the home over to us without trying to sell on the open market. You will already have your money, and we can help you set a move out date.


Why Is This Program So Important?


The sell and leaseback program is very unique because it allows you to get the money you need to pay off debt, pay for college or even start a business without leveraging your home. We have no desire to see you leave, and you can lease from us for as long as you wish. We are making money on your lease payments, but you are not stuck with a long term loan that may be difficult to pay off.

You must also remember that the leaseback program prevents any issues with selling the house. If you take out a home equity loan on the house, you need to add the value of that loan to the price of the house. You need to get more money just to pay your debts, and it can be much more difficult to sell.


Who Should Use This Program?


At SKYDAN, we recommend that anyone reach out to us if they need a home equity loan in Chicago. We can help you get the money you need, and we can simplify the process for everyone. We also encourage you to work with us if you are planning on retiring, need to pay for college, or want to pay off debt. We can show you how much we can pay for the house, and you can sign the agreement if you like our offer.


Apply now so that you can work with our team at SKYDAN. You do not need a home equity loan when you can use our leaseback program. You get to stay in the house until it is time to move, and we will work with you to extract as much cash as possible from the value in it.