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Why Choose an Equity Partner over Refinancing Your Home

Home financing can seem a bit complex or challenging at times; however,  it pays for you as a homeowner to be familiar with your options. Home equity in Chicago can have tremendous benefits, especially if your property has accrued in value over the years and you need money now. It’s important to know that there are choices for homeowners when it comes to obtaining cash for their home equity – not just traditional home equity bank loans. While refinancing with a traditional bank loan or home equity line of credit can be a possibility, you may discover that a home equity partner such as SKYDAN Equity Partners is a better choice for your personal circumstances. Refinancing Refinancing is used to pay off your previous mortgage with a new mortgage. Ideally, the new mortgage should be at a lower interest rate. Many homeowners refinance after they've improved their credit score in order to lower their monthly expenses. This can make it a bit easier to [...]


Important Things to Know about Alternatives to Home Refinancing in Chicago

Refinancing a home seems like a perfect solution for those looking for some needed cash, lower interest rates or smaller payments; however, what if a homeowner has bad credit, or too much debt and refinancing isn’t an option because they are considered a risky borrower by banks? Many homeowners frustratingly spend time and money applying for loans before considering other options, only to continually be rejected by banks.. If you’re struggling to raise your credit score, or are unable to receive funding from your bank, you may want to consider alternative financing options in greater Chicago, IL area. SKYDAN Equity Partners specializes in alternatives to refinancing in the Chicago area without bank loan requirements and hassle.  Moreover, the SKYDAN Equity Program offers you unique benefits that aren’t available through a bank, including no monthly payments for up to two years. The SKYDAN Equity Program makes the home application process obsolete, and our experienced professionals are working with your best interests in mind to avoid [...]

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