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Home Equity Loan for Bad Credit in Belmont Cragin

Is your bad credit getting in the way of unlocking the home equity and the cash you need? Has the bank already denied your application for a home equity line of credit (HELOC)?


Great news! Having bad credit does not prevent a homeowner from gaining access to the equity in the home. It does mean, however, that homeowners need to know the facts and have a willingness to accept alternative solutions for getting the money they need. To get something we want, we must be willing to do something that we’ve never done before! With a winning strategy and a willing mindset, there’s simply nothing that cannot be achieved when a person wants it bad enough. And today can be the day that changes everything and creates outstanding possibilities for financial stability.


Applying for a Home Equity Loan Bad Credit Belmont Cragin


The chances of being approved for a HELOC with bad credit are extremely low. Still, many homeowners go through the application process only to discover that they get denied. It can take a negative toll on them emotionally and create doubt. There are strict rules that lenders must follow to ensure they’re adhering to fair lending practices. And they must tread very carefully when potential borrowers with bad credit apply for loans. Lenders cannot simply deny a homeowner just because they “believe” a person won’t repay the loan. The process must be uniform to everyone, and the chances of a traditional bank offering a home equity loan alternative are simply out of the question.


Another factor that goes into the application process is the debt-to-income ratio. While most people seek a home equity loan bad credit Belmont Cragin to reduce debt, it’s counterproductive because those who often have bad credit are already over-extended with their debt. In a way, the homeowner already has two strikes against them before applying for a HELOC. While an alternative to home refinance in Chicago may be a better solution and have fewer restrictions, many homeowners accept the denial and give up. Some end up losing the very home that was the best resource to resolve a financially difficult situation. We believe this should never happen! Not when there is an alternative to home refinance in Chicago that does not use a credit score.


Denial Creates an Opportunity for Homeowners with Bad Credit


For nearly two decades, Skydan Equity Partners has assisted homeowners to get the money they need with a home equity loan alternative. Our home equity loan alternative does not require approval from a bank because we’re not a bank. As a real estate investment company, we provide homeowners an innovative alternative that is based on the value of equity in the home. A credit check is not part of our qualification process, and a low credit score does not prevent anyone from being approved. In other words, bad credit is not an issue with Skydan Equity Partners. It also means that we’re able to get the money in the homeowners’ hands much quicker than banks. Typically, a homeowner can receive up to $250,000 in 30 days or less.


Benefits include:


  • Deferred Payments
  • Zero Interest
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Bankruptcy Pay Off
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy


The homeowners that we assist have sufficient equity, and many have been denied by lenders because of bad credit. Skydan Equity Partners’ sell your house and rent it back option is an ideal alternative. Our business model allows homeowners to gain financial solvency while remaining in the home and still maintaining certain rights of ownership. Apply now to get started!