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Why Skydan Equity Partners Doesn’t Care About Your Credit Score

At SKYDAN Equity Partners, we proudly help homeowners who need cash on short notice. And guess what? We have never asked a homeowner for their credit score — and we never will. Your credit rating simply has no impact on our business model. In order to qualify for the SKYDAN Equity Partners Sale/Leaseback Program, all you need is home equity. That’s it — you don’t need anything else! Keep reading to find out how we help folks from Chicagoland, IL avoid bankruptcy without forcing them to disclose their credit score.   SKYDAN Is a Real Estate Investment Firm, Not a Lender We have no desire to check your credit score because, quite frankly, that’s what lenders are for. However, SKYDAN Equity Partners is not a lender. We are not a bank. We are a real estate investment company, and our Sale/Leaseback Program allows families to unlock the equity they have in their home. The unique program gives homeowners the capital they need to reach their [...]


Are You an Independent Contractor and Need Cash? Let SKYDAN Equity Partners LLC Help!

Why Lenders Treat Independent Contractors Unfairly Independent contractors are treated unfairly when they apply for bank loans because they don’t have the same type of documentation as people who get their income from a standard employer. As an independent contractor, you may be unable to provide lenders at the bank with any type of employment agreement. With less certain proof that you will have a stable income for the foreseeable future, independent contractors are seen as a greater risk for lenders. You must demonstrate that your wealth and income are stable enough for the risk to be worth it, and that requires you to arrange a massive file of paperwork that is much more difficult to collect than the documents needed by someone with a traditional employer. This makes it difficult for some independent contractors in Chicagoland to find tax lien relief. […]


What’s the Difference Between Home Equity Loans, HELOC, and SKYDAN Equity?

If you have equity in your home, there are many ways to unlock the wealth you have stored there. You can try to apply for a home equity loan or Homeowner Line Of Credit (HELOC), but most banks have a process that can make it very difficult for individuals with a poor credit score to get approved. SKYDAN Equity Partners, however, does not care if you have a bad credit score, high debt, a job loss, or tax lien, and they can help you unlock your home equity with their unique program. […]


I Have a High Debt-to-Income Ratio — What Are My Options?

Trying to stay afloat with debt looming over your head feels like trying to escape from a sinkhole. To address your financial struggles, you may have attempted to obtain a personal loan, only to be shot down by banks because you have a high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Don’t they understand why you are seeking a loan in the first place? You’re trying to fix this. […]


How Home Equity Partnerships Can Help Prevent Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Have you fallen behind on bills, including your mortgage and other loans? Many people faced with overwhelming debt choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While this type of bankruptcy lets you keep your home while paying back your debt, it does nothing for your credit, and if you’ve recently lost your job, the debt-to-income ratio requirements might disqualify you for bankruptcy relief. Another, better option is working with home equity partnerships like SKYDAN. When you choose this alternative to traditional financing, you get to stay in your home without making mortgage payments for up to 2 years. This gives you a full 24 months to work on getting your debts repaid and back on track financially. Homeowners who choose to work with home equity partnerships in lieu of filing for bankruptcy enjoy the following benefits: No additional debt occurs because this isn’t a loan program All credit is accepted because there are no credit score requirements Employment is not part of the qualifying [...]


How Our Home Equity Solution Works for You

Most people are already aware that a home is a good investment. Unlike a car, homes generally increase in value over the years. This increased value is known as your home's equity. While homeowners are generally aware of this, it's not as obvious or as easy to tap into your home's equity. Fortunately, there are traditional and alternative finance options in Chicago, IL. Refinancing When you refinance your home, you replace the existing loan with a new debt obligation. One major advantage is that homeowners may be able to get a new loan with lower interest rates. This is a good option to use this money payoff your higher interest rate debt, or if you need to consolidate other debts into the new loan with one lower monthly payment. Unfortunately, refinancing is dependent upon your credit score. If you've managed to maintain a good credit score that is in line with bank lending requirements, this can certainly provide a benefit to you. However, if [...]


Why Choose an Equity Partner over Refinancing Your Home

Home financing can seem a bit complex or challenging at times; however,  it pays for you as a homeowner to be familiar with your options. Home equity in Chicago can have tremendous benefits, especially if your property has accrued in value over the years and you need money now. It’s important to know that there are choices for homeowners when it comes to obtaining cash for their home equity – not just traditional home equity bank loans. While refinancing with a traditional bank loan or home equity line of credit can be a possibility, you may discover that a home equity partner such as SKYDAN Equity Partners is a better choice for your personal circumstances. Refinancing Refinancing is used to pay off your previous mortgage with a new mortgage. Ideally, the new mortgage should be at a lower interest rate. Many homeowners refinance after they've improved their credit score in order to lower their monthly expenses. This can make it a bit easier to [...]


Important Things to Know about Alternatives to Home Refinancing in Chicago

Refinancing a home seems like a perfect solution for those looking for some needed cash, lower interest rates or smaller payments; however, what if a homeowner has bad credit, or too much debt and refinancing isn’t an option because they are considered a risky borrower by banks? Many homeowners frustratingly spend time and money applying for loans before considering other options, only to continually be rejected by banks.. If you’re struggling to raise your credit score, or are unable to receive funding from your bank, you may want to consider alternative financing options in greater Chicago, IL area. SKYDAN Equity Partners specializes in alternatives to refinancing in the Chicago area without bank loan requirements and hassle.  Moreover, the SKYDAN Equity Program offers you unique benefits that aren’t available through a bank, including no monthly payments for up to two years. The SKYDAN Equity Program makes the home application process obsolete, and our experienced professionals are working with your best interests in mind to avoid [...]

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