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SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Hassle-Free Alternative to Home Refinancing

Do you need help finding the best way to prevent foreclosure? Are you unable to obtain a bank loan, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or other traditional lending options due to a bad credit score? If so, you are not alone — many homeowners face struggles, like bad credit, job loss, temporary financial setbacks, and more, and are unsure how to stop foreclosure from occurring. With the help of SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program, you can avoid foreclosure and save your home once and for all — no credit check required!  

We are not a bank, lender, or mortgage company — SKYDAN Equity Partners is a real estate investment company who partners with homeowners who want to unlock the value of their home equity through a sale and leaseback agreement. Keep reading to learn how we provide financial relief to homeowners by helping them cash out on their equity.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

When you apply for a loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) at a bank, one of the first questions you are likely to get is, “what is your credit score?” If you have poor credit, you will have a very hard time securing the help you need. As an alternative to traditional bank lending, SKYDAN Equity Partners does not care if you have a poor credit score. When you sign up for SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program, the only thing that matters is how much equity you have in your home. There are no credit checks, no mortgage payments, and you pay zero interest. Our buy and rent back program is the best way to prevent foreclosure and save your home. 

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Stop Foreclosure With SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program

Our Sale/Leaseback Program — which is an alternative to home refinancing — allows you to cash out on the value of your home equity and stay in the house on a leaseback agreement. No mortgage payments, no monthly fees, and zero interest! At the end of your leaseback agreement, you have the option to stay and buy back your house from us at the mutually agreed-upon terms, or you can sell the property if you prefer. If you choose to sell the property at the end of your agreement, you will receive all additional equity.

The Communities We Work With

If you are looking for alternatives to home refinancing in Illinois, look no further than SKYDAN Equity Partners. Our foreclosure-prevention program is available to the following Chicagoland, Illinois communities:

  • Cook County
  • Will County
  • DuPage County
  • Lake County
  • Kane County
  • Kendall County

If you live anywhere near the communities listed above, contact us today for more details about the SKYDAN Equity Partners’ Sale/Leaseback Program.

Release Your Home Equity Today & Achieve Financial Relief

SKYDAN Equity Partners is not a lender, bank, or mortgage company. We are a real estate investment company who partners with homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure. Our seller leaseback program is a great way to release your equity, and it’s one of the few ways that Chicago homeowners are able to find relief from property tax liens.

The Original Sale/Leaseback Program — Helping Homeowners Access Their Equity Since 2004

Are you fighting to protect your home from foreclosure in Will County, DuPage County, Kendall County, Lake County, Kane County, Cook County, or anywhere else in or around Chicagoland, Illinois? Our Original Sale/Leaseback Program has been helping homeowners access their equity since 2004! For deeper insight into the best alternative to home refinancing, you should contact SKYDAN Equity Partners as soon as possible to learn more about our foreclosure prevention program.

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